MoneyBox: 1 Vulnhub WalkThrough

Hey there! Today I’m going to solve another boot2root challenge MoneyBox:1 created by Kirthik_T. This is an easy box with 3 flags in it. Without any further a do let’s jump right into it.

1.) Target Discovery

For target discover I use netdiscover command.

2.) Port Scanning and Service Detection

Nmap result shows that there are three ports are open. ftp, ssh, and web. Anonymous access is allowed in ftp shown in the nmap result.

3.) FTP Enumeration

Anonymous access granted. After connecting to ftp I got a image file which I transferred to my local machine.

4.) Web Enumeration

First I hit the IP address on the web browser and got a welcome message from the author. Nothing interesting here.

5.) Initial Footholds

I used hydra to crack the password of ‘renu’ user and got the password within 30 seconds. The password for the user ‘renu’ is ‘987654321'.

6.) Privilege Escalation

The first thing that we check after getting the user shell is sudo and user lily has a sudo right in which lily can run perl command as root without password.

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